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As we are all well aware, our world is currently in the middle of a global pandemic crisis. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus has greatly impacted various aspects of our lives. In these tough times, we have been forced to transition to a mostly virtual world with limited in-person interaction. With the inefficient and impractical tools that are currently available in the marketplace, many of us are having a difficult time adjusting to a remote setting. In addition, many claim that our world might never be the same, with an emphasis on virtual interactions for the safety of all. That being said, we are providing an application to address the various issues that have arisen over this past year. We present to you a platform that is affordable, efficient, customizable, and more… Comm!

What is COMM?

  COMM is the ultimate communication software  encapsulating everything you would ever need in a virtual meeting. We initially emerged in response to growing discontent with current video-conferencing software on the market, chiefly in the classroom setting. Our employees experienced first hand the current difficulties and limits in meeting online.

 As a result, our team has developed a virtual communication application that is specifically tailored to improving the virtual meeting experience. Our platform is intended to benefit both schools and businesses through the utilization of various new features — including smart waiting rooms, automatic attendance, lock down test-taking, and more. 


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